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I am Not Sorry For Being The Mom I Am

Of late I sense my children are pretty up to their noses having to deal with me day and night. I was not happy for it either but sometimes, I gotta do what a mother gotta do. As such, my 13-year-old daughter is the one with the most tears in many new curfew I put on her. First incident happened early of the Hari Raya weeks when she went for an open house. Glad that a 13-year-old girl to have such an invitation, my husband granted her his permission before the remaining of family members decided to retire in bed for the afternoon nap. But her absence has done the entire house nothing but worry. When we woke up at…

Family Building is a Team Effort

At the time of writing this, my heart is steaming with someone I am not sure who. Just this morning when I had prepared a good meal for the entire family to sit together during lunch, one of my boys spoiled the perfect picture I had in mind by eating half of it all by himself. I was almost crying in disbelieve. What a demeanour! Well, it is never wrong to eat, let alone to enjoy a good meal, but to selfishly eat a large portion by himself is certainly NOT OKAY! NOT OKAY!     I did not scold him, but I had to do what I have to do, that is; telling him why it is not okay….

Sepotong Ayat Dari Al-Quran: Ingatlah Allah Sebanyak-banyaknya

Hari ni gambar dibawah di bawa keluar oleh Facebook. Somehow, setelah bertahun-tahun (almost 8 years, I think), saya pelajari bahawa apabila kita menulis di laman sosial, perkara yang baik untuk ditulis adalah perkara yang baik-baik kerana apa sahaja bentuk throwback yang dikeluarkan semula, sebenarnya adalah peringatan kepada kita tentang sikap dan akhlak lama kita. Jadi, hati-hatilah. Tulislah yang baik-baik sahaja. I decided to go raw today. So, saya tak taip, retype atau sebagainya. Hanya mengambil dari yang lama sahaja.  

The Day I Put On The Housewives’ Hat

The Day I Put On The Housewives’ Hat You see, although this is my second time being a housewife, I would say that this time everything is very much mundane and almost as much as how every mother out there can figure out. An early warning: these 5 people share the same load of housewife chores once they decide they are ready to be called a mother. They are: your biological mother, your step-mother, your mother-in-law, the mother who breast-feed you, the grandmother who looks after their grandchildren while their parents are at work. I am not going to tell you how much tiring a day is like being a housewife, rather; I am very much saddened by the fact…

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