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Criteria To Look Into When Choosing A Tuition Center For Your Kids

As a parents it is important that you identify how to find the right tuition center to help your children’s learning. Here are the 5 basic Criteria To Look Into When Choosing A Tuition Center For Your Kids: 1 Location  The location should be easily accessible. Parents must ensure that the location of the tuition center is not too quiet or remote that it becomes dangerous for children and teenagers. The location of the tuition center must be safe enough to be accessed by everybody at night when the classes are going on. 2 Teachers School teachers stand a great advantage of to be more welcomed by parents because they are very well-informed about the syllabus, answering techniques and examination patterns….

5 Common Mistakes Most Tuition Center Operators in Malaysia Are Sharing

Today I’m bringing you one of my favourite topics : 5 Common Mistakes Most Tuition Center Operators in Malaysia Are Sharing. Please do not take my title to be your masters or Ph.D topic, but further discussion is much welcomed. Last week, a friend of mine called and asked if I had made a comeback into tuition center business. It was in deed a very interesting question to answer. It thrills me when people begin to associate me with my previous success, alhamdulillah. The answer was: NO! Instead, I had made better things. I am now providing people with the consultation they need. The past 5 years I had received numerous requests for assistance & guidance in operating tuition centers….

I Am Listed in The Top 200 Mom Blogs

All praise be to Allah for making this possible. Yesterday, I received a good news. In the email, it informed that I am listed in The Top 200 Mom Blogs by Feedspot ( Alhamdulillah. Although I thought I had written a lot on topics like teaching and learning, I reserved a slight confidence that I have been writing better lately simply because of the day-to-day activities I have been doing as a mother, thus the topics of motherhood keep coming in this blog. The opportunity to be in The Top 200 Mom Blogs with other mothers is definitely a great feeling. I am new to motherhood when I married my then-single-father husband early this year, so stepping up to the…

7 Places in Kuala Lumpur You & Your Kids Would Enjoy This Weekend

All these 7 places in Kuala Lumpur you & your kids would enjoy this weekend are equally enjoyable to both parents and children, so you do not need to worry about the boredom waiting while your kids are having a ball of a time. In conjunction with Malaysia’s 62nd Independence Day this weekend, let’s see if these places would interest you and family. 1 KL Bird Park If you are foreigners and coming to Malaysia with family, I would strongly suggest you make KL Bird Park your first destination. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, KL Bird Park is surrounded by many other interesting places like Tun Abdul Razak Memorial and the Botanical Garden of Kuala Lumpur. KL Bird…

The Importance of Being Yourself

When we talk about being yourself, it may connote a different understanding if we were to say this to the elderly. The younger generation may however, perceive it differently. Recently, I witnessed how self-confidence is easily robbed in our society on a pre-text that one must listen to the elderly because they are older than us, because they underwent similar situations way before us. Oh, my! It’s not always necessarily true that you have to follow what other tells about yourselves. Here are some of the situations where you should choose to decide for yourselves. Be yourselves #1 when the situation gives you long-term happiness People come people go, but you will always be by yourselves even when nobody is…

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