About Me

30 over years ago I was born on a beautiful date of 7th of July. Growing up to love painting and drawing, I was then forced to read English newspaper on daily basis as a form of practise to improve my proficiency. Little that I know that the practise had developed me to become a bibliophile and an English Language teacher.

Now, after 15 years (2019) since the first day I set foot into the teaching industry, I am still learning a lot about so many things through the environment I am in and from the students I am with.

To date, I have been blogging some 8 years ago with this one being my 2nd blog. Please pray that this will last and be my last. I had had my own tuition center back then before I rejoined the public education industry. I am glad, this year; I had made manage to give up the industry and devote my time fully to personal tutoring and blogging. My blog also supports me with passion for business and for that reason, you can find my small online shop on this website.

There is always a great feel of satisfaction found in doing business, writing and teaching. I have always treasure all that I have. 

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. For tuition and personal tutoring classes, I can be contacted at syarifahku@yahoo.com or if you are interested in partnership, contribute your articles or product review and advertising, e-mail me to syarifah@wouii.com

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