5 Activities That I Do With My Teenage Children That Create Great Bonding

We all know that it is hard to retain children’s attention especially in today’s world where gadgets have gained more importance than us. But here are 5 activities that I do with my teenage children that create great bonding among us, thanks to mothers of my students who have encountered this experience before me.

1 TGIF – It’s Movie Time!

This is my favourite. I am blessed by the fact that I love watching movies and my sons know how to download a movie from the Internet (while I don’t). Most of the time it’s their choice of movies and I usually just agree to whatever they have prepared for the week. Otherwise, we would just resort to watch horror movies. Horror movies are so good for young adults because they know things showed are not real and it gives us a great time laughing at each other’s cowardice.

2 We eat together

On daily basis, we do not get this often, but my husband makes an appoint that we go out to eat together whenever the number of our children comes to completion. Although I actually prefer to cook for the kids whenever they are home, however; I have recently followed this request by my husband because they seem to enjoy eating out together outside as we can plan for our next activities once the meal has finished. Here, I would suggest you cook lunch with the children and then, get dinner outside.

3 We read to one another

I have been doing this with many of my students and like many other teachers, it is true that teaching your own children is the hardest. My youngest daughter and I began to read the hadith that is written in English and discuss them. She will be the one reading and I will be the one sharing the meanings, lessons and related ayat from the Quran that stresses the same points of the hadith. Here, we are grateful for the little time we spend for one another. If you’re a Muslim like me, I would strongly suggest that you take up hadiths or stories from the Quran to be the reading materials with the children. Keep an open mind and be ready to be surprised to know that your kids may know about the religion more than you and that will feel so grateful and proud of them.

If you’re a Muslim like me, I would strongly suggest that you take up hadiths or stories from the Quran to be the reading materials with the children.

4 Take care of one another in times of sickness

I am thankful Allah made me strong enough to call my children to look at the sick family members in the house whenever we fall sick. Initially, I felt like there was no need to do so because they do who is sick in the house but once I did that, I realised the concern rose and that affection is shown. Alhamdulillah.

5 Prepare for the weekend early

I discovered this when one of my daughters began to create a habit of going out with her friends every weekend that we are not having any plans. I was quietly upset with the fact but soon noticed that when we have activities together, she is very unlikely to go out with her friends and Sunday is a stay-at-home day for her. Nowadays, weekend activities are prepared and discussed as early as Thursdays. It’s way too soon sometimes for me, but at least I know that my girls are safe with me.

So, if you have better ways in engaging your teenage kids with the family activities, feel free to drop us your feedback in our comments. Meanwhile, the suggest-a-book activity is still going on and if you would like to be part of it, feel free to drop as many titles as you wish here.


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