Month: January 2018

Of Being Kind To Others And Yourselves

Yesterday I spent some of my time reading through my e-mail archive as I know I had to refund someone his overpaid debt. That has been four years. My last e-mail received no answers from him despite the fact that was the usual e-mail we have been keeping in touch with. I came out with an idea to ask a family friend a favour – just in case this family has his account number for me to do a quick transfer. I am still unsure whether it was a good idea or not when the family friend returned my question with an exclamation: “oh that’s so kind of him!”(to pay me extra). So am I the evil for making him…

Learning How To Learn – Picking One From The 7 Types of  Intelligences (Spatial Intelligence)

Alright, this, if you are following, is the second type of intelligence that I am going to share with you. For your information, spatial intelligent children have the ability to interpret their world using visual materials like pictures and drawing. I am very thrilled to share this with you, as when I check this type of intelligence, I tend to see that some of the traits are available in myself. Having said that, they are as follows: love to look into details (ME!) can read maps do a lot of mind-maps love to draw / paint love to play puzzles/ maze good at designing Hence, based on this spatial intelligence, here are some materials you can prepare for the benefits…

Learning How To Learn – Picking One From The 7 Types of  Intelligences (Linguistic Intelligence)

This entry is a continuation from our previous entry on the 7 types of intelligences. By now, perhaps you have read that it is more than 7, some said 8, some even said 9, but without these 7, both later do not exist. Hence, today, we will be looking into ways on how to enhance learning for the first type of intelligence, that is linguistic intelligence. Before I begin, it is good to inform that while teaching according to each type of intelligence help you to enrich your child’s strength at learning, however, it is always alright to integrate with more than 1 type at a time. The shift between one to another is on you and your child’s readiness….

Identifying Your Child’s Potential From the 7 Types of Intelligences

There are 7 known types of intelligences that have long been identified and used in the education field. Even with the newly-found types of intelligences, it is essential to start with these 7. In this entry, I would like to share with you what they are and how these intelligences can help you cater learning to your children. Linguistic intelligence Spatial intelligence Logic intelligence Kinaesthetic intelligence Musical intelligence Interpersonal intelligence Intrapersonal intelligence Linguistic intelligence  If your child is seen to express himself well both in writing and verbal,  then, your child can be said to have developed his linguistic intelligence. Empower them with a lot of reading material and spare them ample time to speak their minds when they speak….

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