Book Review: The Deserted Wife (ISBN: 978-967-16894-0-0)

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Penned with every teardrop, I finally managed to finish my first book ever published in Malaysia; The Deserted Wife (ISBN: 978-967-16894-0-0). Before this, it took me years to complete it. Not because I wanted it to be thick but because it was not easy to speak of your failed marriage.

The Deserted Wife is a true story of my own marriage that only lasted for four months. Sharing about how the feelings grew fonder, it evolves until the day of our court hearing.

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The writing process was never easy. It was written in many forms before things were combined into a book. I could not pen it in a diary form because I promised myself that the worst diary I should ever keep in my entire life would only be for the year 2014.

I’d like you to ask yourselves, what would you do if your marriage ends in less than a year

I remember one night when I finally started to write in a Microsoft Word file. The first line made me cry. I deleted the whole sentence, stared into the blank page and continued crying. Then, I tried again. I cried again. I finally shut the laptop. The file was not touched for many weeks. 

One day, my mother introduced me to someone whom had actually directed me into making this book a reality. That was Kaizan Nazlan, the founder of Pena Padi. He asked me what would I like to write. Actually I had no idea but in order to feed the question, I replied him instantly:

“it’s about my own divorce,” I wrote to him.

Such a good and well-mannered young man he was, he gave me a piece of doa (tabarakallah to you, Kaizan). So I told him what was my obstacle in getting the book written. Slowly, he gave ways to start writing instead of focusing on the pain.

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Slowly, from there I worked out the outlines. From one to another, they slowly became paragraphs and as you can see now, there it is; a book I named The Deserted Wife. It was not any easier that time. I still cried writing some of the chapters but alhamdulillah, towards the end, Allah had made things easy with the support of my husband (of my second marriage). I always had him as my support system. It was with his presence that I found my strength to remind myself that it was just a past, a history and something that I no longer live in.  Before long, it was time for me to work on the cover page.

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Alhamdulillah, again Allah sent me Ashraaf to help me with the cover page after many days and weeks of discussion with Kaizan. Naming it was neither easy. I remember having days of discussion with Kaizan and even asked for ideas from my Facebook friends for the title. Kaizan wished to have a better word than Deserted, but I couldn’t take any other words that describe the book best. 

At this opportunity, I would like to take the chance to thank every single one of you who had purchased the book. Please continue to promote The Deserted Wife to all your friends and those in need of advice especially those who are thinking of divorce as a way out from the marriage. I would also like to thank Irfan Khairi for lending me a friendship that had made me copy a lot of his steps including writing the book

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One thought on “Book Review: The Deserted Wife (ISBN: 978-967-16894-0-0)

  1. “Face your challenges head on with the core belief that problems are just speed bumps on the road to your dreams and from that place, when you take massive action with an effective and proven strategy you will rewrite your history.” – Tony Robbins

    Once you start reading this book, you are hooked. I couldn’t put it down and stayed up just to finish it. It’s a wonderfully written book about the journey of a woman from one side of the fence, to the other in the name of marriage. This book is definitely an eye-opening for ladies as it brings the clarity and insight into decision making which will transform your entire life. If you manage to take a wise decision at the right moment, you will soon become a more peaceful and happier version of yourself. Thank you for coming forward – such bravery.

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