Best-selling Product for February & March 2019

Title: The Deserted Wife

ISBN: 978-967-16894-0-0

The Deserted Wife
What would you do if your marriage ends in less than a year?

For the past two months, WOUII have been getting a stream of visitors. These beautiful visitors are here to get their copies of our first title in store; The Deserted Wife. 

Compact with stories about love and marriage, this story book moves readers from one plot to another about a woman’s quest for love. Hoping to have a happy ending by marrying the man of his choice,  The Deserted Wife came along with a thought-provoking question: what would you do if your marriage ends in less than a year?

Not only that, the writer then throws you into a difficult situation as you will learn that she discovered an out-of-wedlock child in the life of the husband during a honeymoon. With that sort of honeymoon, imagine what sort of marriage did she go through throughout the book that you will be left unknown should you not get a copy to read.

Penned based on a true encounter of the writer, most of the scenes in the book took place in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Our sales also see that most readers who bought their copies from us are from Sabah. This could probably be the result of where the scenes took place. 

The writer finished up the book with a list of names of people who had helped her during her hard times including a lawyer whom she met by chance while searching for jobs. It is believed that they had made friends from the meeting but somehow they lost contact and the writer is looking forward for ways to meet Dorina Abdullah. If you would like to help her find the lost friend, you are encouraged to drop a word or two on The Deserted Wife’s official Facebook page or click here to purchase the book in order to get more details. 


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