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Meet Syeri

Syeri is an ardent book lover you can add to your list of bibliophile friends. A teacher by profession and a businesswoman by choice, she had successfully survived the teaching industry in Malaysia for 15 years.

After selling off her own tuition center in 2013, Syeri resigned to her fate that she had to teach in local private schools for four years before she took the leap in her life when she chose to be a full-time housewife and teaches in private classes.  Now, Syeri is making full use of her time writing, blogging and whenever away from her laptop, she can be found at bookstores sinking her face in good books. Sometimes, you can catch her with her book in one hand and coffee cup in another at local coffee shops. Once in a while, she travels and scuba-dive.


Syeri authored and self-published The Deserted Wife in 2019.

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